Family Advent Wreathmaking

Last Saturday, November 22, the St. Francis Xavier social committee hosted a fun-filled family event: Advent wreathmaking!   Between 3:00 and 5:00pm, twenty-six families gathered in the church hall, excited to create their own wreaths. While Christmas music played, the families gathered their evergreens and candles. They then sat together to artfully arrange their supplies. … [Read more…]

Rake and Bake 2014

Early Saturday morning, Fr. Larry and over 75 members of the St.Francis community met up this past Saturday for the HDHM (Handy Dandy Handyman Ministry) 16th annual Rake and Bake! Not only were we the largest group represented this past weekend, but Pete also shared that we were the largest single group ever recorded at … [Read more…]

“Gone Fishing” Retreat 2014

"Most of the Retreat Team"

  On Saturday, September 6th, we began our Year One Confirmation program with a grace-filled day of retreat. Our retreat team ┬áprepared over the summer praying that the day would be special. All of our presenters were teens that have made their Confirmation or are currently in the Year Two phase of preparation. They did … [Read more…]