The “Miracle of Life” Garden

This garden is located on the church grounds. If you have had the opportunity to enter the church through the North entrance, you may have noticed the new addition on the left. The flowers are vibrant and were specifically chosen with the intention of attracting butterflies; adding beauty to our parish and giving us a place to pause and reflect on the true beauty of life, in the fullness of the Creation that God has made.
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The garden was created as a butterfly conservation area; a habitat that will contribute to the continuation of the butterfly’s life cycle and to celebrate the miracle of God’s creations. 
The Miracle of Life Garden is a pro life garden, celebrating the miracle of God’s creations.
One Christian symbolism of the butterfly is that of the Spirit or the departed soul. A white butterfly (white being the color of purity) simply represents that of a pure soul, as in the unborn child.
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The Christian culture also views the butterfly as a symbol of rebirth, new beginning, and resurrection, as represented in the story of Christ, who died on the cross, was buried in the tomb for three days, and then came to life again to offer hope to all Christians for life after death. So does the butterfly “die” as a caterpillar, is buried in the cocoon, and then emerges in a new life as a creature who has the ability to transcend the ordinary and take flight into the heavens.
The birds enjoy the birdbath in the morning and the garden is definitely “abuzz” with bumble bees! Many tiny white butterflies have been spotted as well as an occasional swallowtail. We’ve also been blessed with visits from hummingbird moths, a rare treat! The above photo was taken the night the garden was planted.
If you have the chance, stop by. Perhaps you’ll find yourself taking a quiet moment to pause and reflect.