“Gone Fishing” Retreat 2014



“Come,follow me….”

On Saturday, September 6th, we began our Year One Confirmation program with a grace-filled day of retreat. Our retreat team  prepared over the summer praying that the day would be special. All of our presenters were teens that have made their Confirmation or are currently in the Year Two phase of preparation. They did an outstanding job witnessing their faith and inspiring all who attended.  The adult team members did an excellent job supporting the teens and participated in some memorable skits.  We are blessed to have these emerging young leaders willing to stand up for their faith,  share their struggles, and encourage all on the journey to living a holy life.  All the teens did a fantastic job participating and building community that gets the year off to a great start!  Thank you retreat team for all your encouragement given to the Year One Students!Thank you, parents for all you do to share your faith and support the teens! We are a very blessed parish family.

"Most of the Retreat Team"

“Most of the Retreat Team”

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