Save a Family

We are excited to share that our community will be partnering with the “Save a Family Plan” to support a family from Andhra Pradesh, India.


The father, Vijay Kumar, is a 35 year old day-laborer. Though he goes out in search of work every day, the work is not easy to come by and he has only been able to secure about 15 days of work in a month. Elizabeth is a 32 year old housewife and mother of two beautiful children: James, a 9 year old in the 4th Grade, and Jennifer, an 8 year old in the 3rd grade.


Elizabeth and Vijay do all they can to make ends meet and care for their children. They rent their home, though the home they can afford is listed as “Not Livable” according to the S.A.F. program. Among other things, their home lacks safe drinking water and a sanitary latrine. They also try hard to find the funds to keep their children in school, though these expenses too are high.


This family is not able to bring in enough money to survive on, never mind to thrive on, yet they have hope. In partnership with the Save a Family Plan, and with the support of our parish, Elizabeth is planning to set up a small shop. This will enable her to generate needed income, clear the family debts, and continue to educate her children.


We will hear more about our family in the months ahead. As we do, updates will be shared. Thank you, St. Francis, for providing a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in need, from across the globe.


If you are interested in personally adding to the support that we, as a community, are currently providing this family, you may do so, but it must be done through the Save a Family Plan organization. click the link below for more information. When donating, please identify yourself as a St. Francis parishioner so that the additional support will be sent to Elizabeth and Vijay Kumar in care of the parish. Please do not give donations directly to the parish staff, all assistance must be done online through SAFP. Thank you.


Learn more about the Save a Family Plan, Family Development Program