Scouting: Light of Christ Emblem

image4Recently, one faith filled member of our parish community earned his “Light of Christ” emblem. Father Larry joyfully presented our proud Scout with his pin at Mass.


According to the National Catholic Committee on Scouting, the Light of Christ emblem can be earned by any 1st or 2nd grade Cub Scout (Tiger or Wolf) interested in working on activities centered on his faith and family. “The focus of the activities is to help the Scout develop a personal relationship with Jesus”.


This Scouting family greatly enjoyed completing the required activities, together.


After getting his photo taken with Father Larry, our very happy Scout proudly shared a laminated card that he carried in his pocket. On it was the following prayer:


“Give me clean hands, clean words, and clean thoughts.
Teach me to work hard and play fair.
Forgive me if I am unkind and help me to forgive others.
Send me chances to do a little good each day, and to grow more like Christ.”