Novena to the Holy Spirit

The following is an excerpt from Archbishop Blair’s Letter:
“…On May 24th we will be celebrating one of the great solemnities of the Church year, Pentecost Sunday… Pentecost is spoken of as the “birthday” of the Church…
Pope Francis reminds us that by our Baptism and Confirmation we are all “missionary disciples.” A renewal of this mission, as a new Pentecost in our time, was the stated purpose of the Second Vatican Council. But if we are to experience a new Pentecost in our time, then we must pray for the gift of the Holy Spirit.
In order for us to make this prayer together as one family of faith, [Archbishop Blair invites] us all to participate in a novena of prayer for a new Pentecost in the Church and in our archdiocese. The word “novena” comes from the Latin word for nine days… The novena to the Holy Spirit was instituted by Christ himself when he sent his apostles back to Jerusalem after his Ascension to await in prayer the coming of the Holy Spirit.
[The archbishop asks] that the novena be prayed publicly and privately, from May 15 through May 23, using a set of prayers that have been prepared for this purpose in both English and Spanish…
Together let us implore the gift of the Holy Spirit for our Church, our archdiocese, and ourselves…”
Archbishop Blair’s Letter
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