AdorationAdoration is a very peaceful time, to slow down and spend time with God in silent prayer and reflection. It is a time to gaze and be gazed upon by Him. ┬áIn its fullest essence … Eucharistic Adoration is “God and Man reaching out for each other, at the same time!”
Adoration is when the Consecrated Host is placed in a monstrance. The monstrance is placed on the altar and everyone is encouraged to sit in the pew and adore Him. We remain “silent” in His Presence and open ourselves to His Graces which flow from the Eucharist …The atmosphere is very quiet and prayerful.

    • Some people pray, others sit quietly and meditate on Jesus, or bring a devotional book or a book of Spiritual reading.
    • Adoration is between 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm, with a 6:30 pm Mass scheduled in between.
    • Some people stop by for a few minutes, some give a Holy hour with Jesus, others remain longer.
    • The Divine Mercy Chaplet is recited shortly after 3:00 pm.
    • The Rosary is recited, shortly following Mass.
    • About 15 minutes before the end of Adoration, the Benediction begins.
    • After the blessing the priest replaces the blessed sacrament in the tabernacle (the Reposition) and genuflects, and processes out.

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