Martha and Mary Community Care

 “Charity and Love Begins at Home”


Unity and stability of the family for individual are our goals.

This ministry serves our community by operating as a resource for families in need of emergency services. Together with our social services office, we assist with the financial, emotional, or food needs of members of our community. Volunteers are needed to help organize and stock the emergency pantry at the parish center; drivers are needed to drop emergency supplies to families in need. Volunteers are also needed to assist with the holiday baskets. Everyone can participate in this ministry just by bringing a canned or boxed item of food with you to Mass. If you would like to help support this ministry with your time and talents, please contact Chris Grenier at the parish office: 860-354-5372
How does Martha and Mary work?

  • Martha and Mary is a parish based, town-oriented “support system” which provides short term assistance in times of crisis for those in need within the town of New Milford.
  • This outreach program works cooperatively with out town’s Social Service agency. Each potential recipient of aid first meets with a trained professional regarding their need, financial assessment, job placement (if applicable), so that when they come to St. Francis’ Martha and Mary outreach, we have a comprehensive understanding of their true need.

How does Martha and Mary help?

  • We have organized the Giving Tree event during Advent.
  • Helped provide Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas meals
  • Provide emergency groceries to those in need.
  • Offered financial assistance for a variety of needs such as shelter, utilities, medical, and insurance payments.

How can you help?

  • donate groceries for our food pantry
  • donate money, Big Y coins and certificates. All monies earmarked for “Martha and Mary” go directly to this successful and much needed ministry.
  • participate in the Giving Tree during Advent.
  • Assist with special requests for the holiday meals.

For more information, or to offer assistance, please feel free to call Fr. Larry or Chris Grenier at 860-354-5372
Your gifts of time, money, and service to those in need are very much appreciated. May God continue to Bless each and every one of you!
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