Tree of Life

Tree of lifeThe Tree of Life is an ancient symbol, representing the interconnectedness of all things. With its branches reaching up into the sky, its roots deep down in the ground, the Tree of Life represents spiritual nourishment and the uniting of heaven and earth. A mystical symbol used to comprehend and appreciate the life-giving, ever-bearing tree of the Spirit of God. Introducing the St. Francis Xavier “Tree of Life" A lasting dedication...permanently displayed in the North entry to the church, our new Tree of Life is a beautiful sculpture cast in bronze and bearing “celebration” leaves. Its purpose is twofold: to honor, recognize, and memorialize those we hold dear, while simultaneously supporting our parish. The fixture is made up of small gold, silver, and bronze plaques representing leaves on the branches and larger bronze plaques representing stones and acorns at the base of the tree. The Tree of Life serves as a wonderful way to celebrate those you love. Consider gifting a leaf in honor of a baptism or anniversary, commemorate a special life event, memorialize a loved one who has passed, or simply list your family name – showing your support of our parish and community. Tree of life 2Your generous gifts will enable St. Francis Xavier Church to maintain and upgrade our facilities, allow for a needed cemetery expansion, establish new programs, and sponsor events – all in order to better serve you, our congregation, and our community. The Tree of Life will flourish as the generosity of the community brings new branches and additional leaves. If you choose to honor a loved one, and would like to reserve your leaf, simply click on the link below to view the informational brochure and order form. Once you have printed and completed the information sheet, send it, along with your deposit to St, Francis Xavier Church, 1 Elm St. New Milford, CT 06776. Attn: Jocelyne Verrastro, Tree of Life. Please know that we are immensely grateful for your donations. Thank you for shining your light, enabling us to continue to shine for others. If you have any questions regarding the Tree of Life, or would like to speak with someone about reserving your leaf, please contact the office: 860-354-2202 and ask for Jocelyne or Chris. Tree of Life Donation Information and Order Form